RunMotion Coach User Guide for runners with experience

Looking to run a 10k? Marathon? A trail? Do a personal best? Or run regularly? Check out our 6-step guide to using RunMotion Coach, so you can take full advantage of all the app’s features.

RunMotion Coach app was created by coaches and high-level runners 😉

Step 1- Onboarding

You’ve just downloaded the app, a conversation opens so your new coach wants to know more about you and give you your training plan tailored to your needs.

Tell us about your running experience.

Note: Give your past times and distances if you’ve done them before to give you accurate training paces 😉 Otherwise, your coach will give you intensities. You will be able to add other races in “My Profile”. Our algorithms calculate your Maximal Aerobic Speed and endurance (when you have entered results on at least two different distances) to give you the right training paces.

After this initial conversation, remember to enter your email address in “My Profile” -> “My RunMotion account” to find your account if you change your phone or drop it during a run 😉

Step 2 – Choose your Goal 

Wellness: You just want to run regularly? 

Performance: 5km ? 10K, Half? Marathon ?  Indicate the time you want to achieve!

Trail: 20km, 40km, 80km, 100km, 160km ? You can indicate also the difference in altitude.

Be ready for a test: Half – Cooper, Cooper, 3000m 3X500m

Training for another sport?  Indicate if you want to work on your speed, endurance or both.

The preparation is focused on your main goal. If you have intermediate races, you can add them to your training plan.

Note: We recommend that you set a maximum of 3 to 4 main goals per year and space them out by a minimum of 2 months. Intermediate goals are typically a half marathon if you are preparing for a marathon in 3 to 4 months

Step 3 – Your personalized training program

Our training plans are generated by an artificial intelligence, created by engineers, high level runners and coaches of runners of all levels. Your program evolves according to your feedback, your fitness level and your availability.

Refine your week: which days do you want to run? 

Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? Saturday ? Sunday ?

You will find various training sessions depending on your level and your objective: endurance,intervals, hills, physical preparation, etc.

Tell us how you feel, the coach will recalculate your next weeks according to your feedback. If you miss a workout,

it doesn’t matter, it happens, the coach recalculates your program according to a trend over several sessions.

The nutrition content will be useful to you, because a good diet contributes to a good physical shape and accompanies the physical activity.

Step 4 – Choose your coach

We all have different preferences when it comes to coaches. Maybe you need someone who pushes you to your limits, or someone who is optimistic.

Each session, discover the coach’s advice (Premium only). You can choose his personality in “My profile” if you want a positive, authoritarian or philosophical coach!

“Find the inspiration to be the best you can be”.

– Joy, Positive Coach

“We are not here to waste our time”.

– Philippe, Authoritarian Coach

“May the force be with you”

Socrates, Philosopher Coach

Step 5 – My Profile, My Settings

Find all the information about you: number of sessions and goals achieved, and in Premium mode: your MAS (Maximal Aerobic Speed), endurance index and estimated VO2 max.

Note: The training paces calculated in RunMotion Coach depend on your MAS and endurance, and for endurance we have set a pace of 60% of your MAS.

Here you can enter your maximum and resting heart rate, we indicate the corresponding heart rate zone. The pace is for flat and not very technical terrain, so if you are on a trail, the heart rate is a better indicator. Listen to your body as well. 

Adjust your settings:

My info: Fill in your email address (useful if you change your phone or break it while running!)
My running experiences: Distance and personal bests
My training preferences: Training days, terrain, coach, display (km, miles)

Step 5b – My Profile: Sync with your GPS

You don’t have to have a GPS watch to measure your activity. It is also possible to connect another mobile application, like Strava or Adidas Running. Here is the list of all connected services:


Overall there is no big difference between connecting a GPS watch or an app. Connect your GPS watch first if you have one. If 2 services are connected, we display the activities of the GPS watch.

Note that GPS watches do not notify us of a change in activity, while Strava does. For example, if you change the

title or the type of activity in Strava, you will get the modification in RunMotion Coach, but not if you change the title on Garmin, Suunto or Polar.

Step 6 – Results

Track your progress!

You will find all the trainings you have done (synchronized with your watch or tracking app or manually by adding your results).

You can add a photo for each training, change the name of your sessions, etc. Add a photo at the end of your workouts to share your progress with your friends 😉

In your “Results” :  

-Find your weekly results from miles and training hours point of view.
-You will see your training load, a unit that allows you to take into account all the sports activities you do (running, cycling, swimming…). 
-You will find all your last races. Connect your Garmin, Suunto or Polar GPS watch or the Strava app in “My profile” -> “Connect a tracking app” to synchronize your next activities in RunMotion Coach.

Also, find individual and group challenges in the app. Now you have no excuse not to run 😉

Premium Features

You can upgrade to Premium at any time, and get a free 15-day trial!

  • Choose your coach!
  • Tailored conversations: Find the motivation and advice you need
  • Refine your week: Find a reminder each week to update your training days
  • PPG : Physical preparation is important to have a good running technique
  • Nutrition : Nutrition is essential to perform or feel good in your body
  • Synchronization: With Premium, you can export your training to your Garmin GPS watch (you just have to follow your watch during your run) and Google Calendar (so you don’t miss any more training!)

Choosing Premium means optimizing your chances of success, with more features and content. It also means supporting a French company, based in the Alps, with strong values.

All you have to do is run! With this little guide, you have a good overview of how the RunMotion Coach application works. Like 88% of our users, we wish you success with your running goals! Lots of other surprises are waiting for you in the application, especially in the coaches’ messages