Average speed and pace calculator

This speed calculation tool allows you to determine your average speed and your pace per kilometre in one click, by entering the distance of the race and the actual or estimated time. As a reminder, a marathon measures 42.195km (26.2 miles) and a half-marathon measures 21.097km (13.1 miles) 😉

You can then calculate split times over the distance of your choice or the time per 400m lap if you are doing a track session for example.

Good preparation for your next challenge (with the RunMotion Coach app 😉)

Calculate your average speed and pace

Average speed:
0 km/h
For this pace, you have the following splits

Average speed: Formula 

If you want to calculate the speed manually, the formula is 

speed = distance / time

To calculate a speed in kilometres per hour, you have to divide the distance in kilometres by the time in hours.

To calculate a speed in miles per hour, you have to divide the distance in miles by the time in hours.

To calculate the speed in metres/second, the distance in metres is divided by the time in seconds.

If you want to convert a speed of m/s into km/h, just multiply the speed in m/s by 3.6 because 1 hour = 3600 seconds and 1 kilometre = 1000 meters.

i. e: To calculate 10km in 40min, 

Distance = 10000m
Time = 40×60 = 2400 seconds
Speed = 10000/2400 x 3.6
Speed = 15 km/h

To calculate 13.1miles (Half Marathon) in 2 hours,

Distance = 13.1 miles
Time = 120×60 = 7200 seconds
Speed = 13100/7200 x 3.6
Speed = 6.65 miles / hour

Also if you want to convert miles to km, 1 mile = 1,609km. Hence 10 miles/hour is roughly 16 km/h.