Why purchase the Premium version of RunMotion Coach?

We created RunMotion Coach to help everyone reach their running goals. As coaches and high-level athletes, we have gone through the stages one by one, and we want to give you the best training tips and techniques, whatever your level and your goal. For us, everyone deserves personalized training.

Let’s explain the differences between the free and premium version of RunMotion Coach.

The free version of RunMotion Coach

To make it short, you get a personalized training plan to reach your running or fitness goal.

No need to create your program exactly 12 weeks before your race, you will have a program tailored to your needs no matter when you start your training plan.

You can add intermediate runs before a main goal.

The training paces proposed to you are based on one of the most advanced scientific work on race pace prediction, from which one of our founders has contributed. These paces take into account your MAS (Maximum Aerobic Speed) and your endurance index, calculated from the results of your previous races.

You can also connect RunMotion Coach to your GPS watch (Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros) or Strava or adidas Running app to your RunMotion Coach account, to retrieve your running sessions and have them appear in your Report.

The Premium version of RunMotion Coach

The aim of the Premium version of RunMotion Coach is to optimize your chances of success. You have a complete training program (PPG, mental preparation, sophrology, nutrition, race management, motivation,…) and a complete integration with your digital environment (calendar / clock).

First of all, the Premium version allows you to have a more evolving training plan. Every week, your coach asks you how you feel and if you want to change your training days or move your key sessions.

When you finish this conversation, you find your workouts on your calendar (Google Calendar) and on your GPS watch (Garmin for now, other watches will soon open this possibility) to follow your session on your watch during your training.

Your training paces are the same in the free or Premium version, but you can see the VMA and your endurance index calculated by our algorithms, in your Profile.

Then, in terms of content, you are in Premium:

-Physical preparation
-Advice from your digital coach: running training, technique, race management, recovery, nutrition, wellness…
-The possibility to choose the personality of your digital coach: positive, authoritarian or philosopher.
-Programs “Lose weight” and “Stop smoking and start running“.

To optimize your chances of success and all these features, you can upgrade to Premium at any time, with a 15-day free trial. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribing to the Premium version also means supporting a company based in the Alps, in France, and allowing us to develop new features to offer you the best experience.

RunMotion Coach Premium is an in-app subscription through Apple Store and Google Play. You can buy it directly from the RunMotion Coach app, in the main menu: ‘My profile’ -> ‘My RunMotion account’.

Now all you have to do is run!!!!