RunMotion Coach : Running Coach training plan for running, trail running and triathlon


Your personalized training plan for running, trail running and triathlon to achieve your goals

All you have to do is run!

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Choose your goal: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Trail Running, Ultra Trail, Triathlon, Wellness

Finish a race

Set a new personal best

Lose weight

Enjoy running

Everyone deserves personalized training!


Set your personal training goal

Run for your health & well-being

Enter a race and get that finisher’s medal

Perform in competition: road and trail


Your digital coach sets your personalized training plan every week

According to:

Your level: beginner to elite

Your favourite places to train: track, road, mountains

Your schedule: YOU choose when you workout

Your current fitness level: the app assesses your form and adapts your plan

Your sessions: synchronized and visible on your watch

Level up your training and reach your goals

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“Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or elite runner, our mission is to help you grow through running, with an adaptive training plan and a motivating coach!”

Romain and Guillaume,
RunMotion Coach creators

Premium Subscription

Download the RunMotion Coach app for free to get a customized training plan.

To optimize your chances of success and get more features, you can upgrade to Premium at any time (and get a 7-day trial)

Free Version Premium Version
✏️ Personalized and adaptive training plan: road and trail ✔️ ✔️
🎯 Set multiple goals ✔️ ✔️
⚡ Calculate your training paces ✔️ ✔️
⬇️ Import activities from your watch or tracking app ✔️ ✔️
⌚ Export your workouts to your Garmin, Coros, Suunto, Apple watch ✔️
🚀 Adaptive training plan ✔️
📱 Change your training plan easily ✔️
🔀 Change your training sessions at the last moment ✔️
📈 Find all your stats ✔️
🏃 Calculate your Maximal Aerobic Speed and Endurance Index ✔️
🚴 Add interval cycling and S&C workouts ✔️
🍌 Get access to additional features: running tips, recovery, nutrition, well-being, sophrology…. ✔️
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Are you still hesitating? As a brand new Premium subscriber, you will get a free 7-day trial 😉


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500,000 runners

4.6/5 Rating



Great app, perfect for all those who want to maintain, progress, reach a goal or even perform. The app is constantly evolving and the creators are always listening to correct bugs, make improvements and give advice.


Recommended by the biggest races

RunMotion Coach is the official coach or partner coach of numerous road and trail races in France and abroad.

Marathon Chambéry
UTMB Mont-Blanc
Marathon Deauville
Marathon Mont-Blanc
Marathon Annecy
Les Templiers
Grand Raid Réunion
Ultra Marin


RunMotion Coach in the media

Practical when you can't go to a club at a fixed time every week.

Trail Endurance Mag


RunMotion is innovative in its approach to the world of running and deserves to be discovered.

Runner's World


To have a personal coach to progress in running or to prepare a precise objective, we all dream of it...



Our experts

RunMotion is developed by a team of engineers and running enthusiasts. Our unique expertise is based on science, years of training and feedback from our community of runners.

Our aim is to make personalized coaching accessible to all, because we believe that everyone deserves a quality training plan.



Guillaume Adam

Sub-4min miler, 2h26 marathoner, UTMB finisher, engineer who worked at MIT on running performance prediction models



Romain Adam

A marathon runner (x6) with a PR in 2h34, ultra-trailer (UTMB finisher in 29:24) and specialist in the world of start-ups

RunMotion Team


The RunMotion Team

A team with passion for the company and for its work: IT development, communication, marketing, graphic design…



Why get the Premium version?

The Premium version is available for a 7-day trial. You can cancel it at any time.
In Premium, you maximize your chances of success with:
- the complete training package (S&C, nutrition, advice, mental preparation...)
- full integration with all your devices (calendar/watch)
- Your digital coach supports you on a daily basis
All you have to do is run.
Subscribing to the Premium version also means allowing us to develop new features to offer you the best possible experience.

Can I prepare for my next marathon with the app?

The RunMotion Coach training programs have been specifically prepared for all road distances: 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon, by experienced coaches who have trained runners from beginner to international level.

Is it suitable for trail running?

RunMotion Coach's training programs have been designed for trail running with specific sessions such as hiking/run and threshold, adapted to your available terrain (urban or mountain). Your digital coach takes into account the distance and altitude difference of your trail objectives. Physical preparation and nutritional content are also available in Premium mode.

I am a beginner, is RunMotion for me?

Welcome to the running family! We have all put on our first pair of running shoes at some point. You can set a goal of running 30 minutes or 1 hour without stopping. For 6 weeks, you will have sessions alternating walking and running, and we bet you will manage to run 30 minutes without stopping 😉 Wellness and weight loss goals are also available.

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Download the app
RunMotion Coach

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Your RunMotion digital coach motivates and boosts you to reach your goals, with messages and videos tailored to your profile and training plan. All you need to do is run!

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