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RunMotion Running Coach

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced runner, our mission is to help you thrive with running, with adapted training and an inspiring coach

🎯 Define your next goal

Run to feel good
Prepare for a race and become a finisher
Beat your 
personal record

📆 Your digital coach prepares your training plan

Depending on your level
Depending on your available time (YOU choose when you train)
And your favorite training places (track, path, road)

😎 Choose the personnality of your coach

Do you like being pushed around? Choose our authoritative coach Arthur
What motivates you is the positive? Choose our coach Joy
Do you like to philosophize? Choose our coach Socrates

📊 Track your workouts

RunMotion Coach is compatible with the Strava app and Garmin, Suunto and Polar GPS watches!
Visualize your latest workouts in RunMotion Coach

Our enthusiastic runners

120 000 users
4,5/5 average rating on the Stores


Super application for every runner who want to progress, achieve a goal or even perform. The application is constantly evolving and the creators are always listening to correct bugs, make improvements and give advice.


Very professional, we feel that the training plans were thought out and carried out by experts! Super easy and intuitive to use thanks to instant discussions with coaches.


Superb app very original in its operation and interaction (the Whatsapp / SMS type conversation is excellent) The workouts are varied and especially adapted to every runner according to their level.

Premium subscription

Download RunMotion Coach app and enjoy 2 free weeks of Premium Mode

RunMotion Coach Free

• Tailored training plan
• Tailored training paces
• Prepare multiple goals
• Sync your data from Strava, Garmin, Suunto, Polar
Premium RunMotion

RunMotion Coach Premium

from 5,00$ / month *

• Tailored training plan

• Tailored training paces
• Prepare multiple goals
• Sync your data from Strava, Garmin, Suunto, Polar
Conversation with your digital coach
Strength and conditioning workouts
• Choose between positive, authoritarian or philosopher coach
• Tips on running, recovery and nutrition
• Workout export to Google Calendar
• Workout export to Garmin

* RunMotion Coach Premium is an in-app subscription on the Apple Store and Google Play. Please go to ‘My profile’ in the RunMotion Coach app to purchase the Premium.
RunMotion Coach Premium is available at the price of 9,99$/month, 24,99$/trimester (8,33$/month) or 59,99$/year (5,00$/month). Pricing may vary depending on location. A14-day free trial is offered.


Can I prepare for my next marathon with the app?

RunMotion Coach’s training programs have been specifically prepared for all road distances: 5km, 10km, half-marathon and marathon, by experienced coaches who have trained runners from beginner to international level.

Is it suitable for trail running?

RunMotion Coach’s training programs have been designed for trail running with specific sessions and tailored to your available playgrounds (urban or mountain). Your digital coach takes into account the distance and the elevation of your trail goals.

I am a beginner, is RunMotion for me?

Welcome to the runners family! We all put on our first pair of running shoes one day. You can set a first goal of running for 30 minutes or 1 hour. For 6 weeks, you will have sessions alternating between walking and running, and we bet that you will be able to run for 30 minutes very soon 😉

Why take the Premium version?

The Premium version is offered to any new user for 2 weeks. This allows you to discover all the benefits of the application.

In Premium, you receive motivational messages from the authoritarian, philosopher or positive coach and exclusive advice to make even more progress. Subscribing to the Premium version also allows us to develop new features to offer you the best possible experience.

The team

RunMotion is developed by a team of engineers and athletes. Get in touch with them for more information

Guillaume Adam

Guillaume Adam

Sub 4 Miler, 2h26 marathoner, coach, former engineer at MIT on running performance prediction
Romain Adam

Romain Adam

National level runner, 2h38 marathoner and startup specialist
Paul Waroquier

Paul Waroquier

Master French champion, coach and mentor of top runners

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How MAS, Endurance and VO2max are computed?

How MAS, Endurance and VO2max are computed?

Within the application (from January 2021), it is possible to view your MAS, your endurance and your V02max in Premium mode. These parameters allow us to estimate running performance, and especially for us to give the optimal training paces. MAS and endurance are...

Average speed and pace calculator

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RunMotion Coach in the press

RunMotion innovates in the world of running and deserves to be discovered.

Useful when you cannot go to a local club at fixed times every week.


The possibility for all runner profiles to receive personalized and practical supervision in order to progress. Tested and approved!

Application running RunMotion Coach

Download RunMotion Coach app

Your digital coach motivates you and gives you energy to reach your goals, with messages and videos tailored to your profile and preparation.

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