Muscle strengthening and S&C workouts in RunMotion Coach (Running and Trail)

Muscle strengthening is key for running goals, injury prevention, core strength, and progress. We’re excited to launch a comprehensive strength and conditioning module in the RunMotion Coach app.

The new version (V6.0.0) will be released on Google Play and the App Store on Thursday, September 28, 2023.

The S&C workout: a key element in achieving your goals

In order to provide you with the best conditions for achieving your goals, we believe that a global approach to your training is of interest. For this reason, since our launch in 2018, we have added regular content in addition to your training plan. For example, nutrition tips, cycling, mental preparation and physical preparation (S&C workouts).

We’ve noted from Customer Care feedback that some users find following our app’s S&C workout routines challenging. In response, we’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our muscle strengthening guidance, tailored specifically to your individual goals.

From now on, you can do muscle training at home without using any materials, just by following your smartphone! Before starting, you can visualize your session, and a timer guides you through it, showing the exercises to be performed!

Expertise at the core of our training programs

At RunMotion Coach, the creation of our programs is driven by a deep understanding of physical fitness and sports performance. Central to this expertise is Julien Coudert, a sports physical therapist with a remarkable background as an athlete. Julien, a seasoned marathon runner with a 2h29 personal best in 2022, is also an accomplished ultra-trail runner and triathlete. His expertise was crucial in Romain’s (RunMotion Coach co-founder) post-injury rehab at UTMB 2022. This partnership helped Romain cut 4 minutes off his marathon time, finishing in 2h34, and complete UTMB 2023 in 29 hours.

Julien’s affiliation with Chambéry, the same location as RunMotion Coach, deepens our connection. His comprehensive knowledge spans across road running, trail running, and rehabilitation tailored for recreational runners.

Our technical team has worked diligently to integrate these insights into the S&C workouts of your RunMotion Coach training program. We understand that even among runners with similar levels, physical preparation experience can vary significantly. Our programs are, therefore, customized to align with your unique muscular strength and conditioning experience, ensuring a training plan that’s as individual as you are.

The integration within you training plan 

In a world filled with numerous fitness apps, RunMotion Coach stands out by uniquely integrating your S&C training program with your running plan. This synergy ensures that your muscle training complements your running regimen, avoiding any conflicting exercises.

Our approach to muscle strengthening sessions is dynamic and adaptive. The exercises match your training phases, whether a work phase or an assimilation phase. As you approach your primary goal, the program evolves to incorporate more dynamic and, for the advanced users, plyometric movements.

Designed for convenience, the S&C workouts in our program can be performed without any equipment, making them ideal for a variety of settings and preferences. Whether you’re into road running, trail running, or focused on overall wellness, there’s something tailored just for you. For those who wish to incorporate weights, the program is adaptable to include dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells for exercises like squats and hip thrusts.

Access to these muscle-strengthening workouts is a feature of the premium mode of the RunMotion Coach app. We invite you to explore this new module and experience the difference it makes in your training!

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Mailis Durif-VarambonMailis grew up in the mountains, where she went hiking and biking every weekend. She loves outdoor activities where she can relax at the end of the day. At RunMotion Coach, she is responsible for communication management.