Kilometers to Miles Converter (km to mi) 

Distance conversion table

Do you often wonder how many miles a marathon is? Are you soon participating in a race in an English-speaking country where the distances are measured in miles and you need to convert kilometers to miles? You are in the right place! Check out our kilometer to miles converter.

Kilometers / Miles Converter

Kilometers / Miles Converter

Why convert kilometers to miles? 

Most countries use the metric system and measure distances in kilometers. However, countries like the United States and the United Kingdom frequently use miles, especially in running events. The miles to kilometers and kilometers to miles converter helps you understand distances more easily during international competitions.

How to use the km to mi converter? 

Using the kilometer to miles converter is simple. Enter the distance in kilometers you want to convert, and the system will provide the equivalent in miles, and vice versa. This allows you to plan your training and races with precision, regardless of the unit system used.

Formula for converting kilometers to miles & miles to kilometers

To convert kilometers to miles, you can use the following formula:

Miles = Kilometers × 0.621371

To convert miles to kilometers, you can use this formula:

Kilometers = Miles × 1.60934

Simply multiply the number of kilometers by 0.621371 to get the number of miles, and multiply the number of miles by 1.60934 to get the number of kilometers.

The distance of a marathon in km : 26.22 miles × 1.60934 = 42.195 km

A half marathon is therefore 13.1 miles – 21.1km

3.22km in miles : 2 miles

4.83km in miles : 3 miles

5K in miles : 3.11 miles

9.66 km in miles : 6 miles

10K in miles : 6.21 miles

11.27 km in miles : 7 miles

42.195 km to miles : 26,22 miles

26.2 miles in km : 42,16km

Distance conversion table: miles to kilometers 

This conversion table allows you not only to visualize the equivalents between miles and kilometers but also offers you the flexibility to switch between these two units of measurement. Whether you need to convert distances from miles to kilometers or vice versa, this table will provide you with the answers! 

Distance conversion table

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