Top 10 flattest marathons

Top 10 flattest marathons

Want to beat your personal best in the ultimate distance? Looking for a flat marathon to improve your chances of success? I present to you a top 10 of the flattest marathons around the world. Low elevation gain and smooth asphalt will be featured throughout this article! So, are you ready to surpass yourself?

10 – The Deauville Marathon

We kick off this top 10 of the flattest marathons with a French marathon – we had to have at least one! The Paris Marathon couldn’t make the list with its not-so-flat course of more than 200m in elevation gain.

The Deauville Marathon was recently established, and its flat, two-loop course quickly became a real advantage. It’s also the French marathon that had the highest percentage of runners finishing under the 3-hour mark in 2022 (17%). Granted, it was the French championships, but it’s still far ahead of the others.

9 – The Dubai Marathon

Flat is what immediately stands out when you look at the course profile of the Dubai Marathon. It more than deserves its spot in this top 10 of the fastest marathons. If it’s not too hot, it’s one of the most conducive marathons for setting records.

Its looped course along the sea allows you to easily orient yourself and maintain your pace throughout the race!

8 – The Milan Marathon

The course of the Milan Marathon is the fastest in the country. Among the fastest in the world, its route is relatively flat and winds through the city. This allows you to enjoy the typical Italian architecture of the city.

That is, if you don’t go too fast!

7 – The Amsterdam Marathon

A well-deserved 7th place in this ranking of the fastest marathons goes to the Amsterdam Marathon. Its flat course will take you through the city and past its monuments. Notably, you’ll enjoy a passage under the Rijksmuseum, the famous museum of Amsterdam.

Its extremely flat profile could have earned it a few more places in this top 10 of the fastest marathons. However, the weather conditions in the Netherlands and the many turns that require occasional acceleration have caused it to lose points compared to its competitors.

6 – The Rotterdam Marathon

If the TV show “Question for a Marathon” existed, to the question “Are you one of the world’s fastest marathons?” the Rotterdam Marathon would surely answer, “Yes, of course!” Slightly less known than Amsterdam’s, the Rotterdam Marathon boasts an extremely flat course that is a bit straighter than its Dutch counterpart’s.

During the race, you’ll also enjoy a magical crossing over water on the famous Erasmus Bridge. So, go fetch your stopwatch and walk (run!!!) on water!

5 – The Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon, which is part of the Six World Marathon Majors, takes the 5th spot in this top 10 of the fastest marathons. Renowned for its first 5 kilometers of gentle downhill, it’s perfect for beating your personal best. However, be wary of a few hairpin turns along the course.

Moreover, you’ll get a unique tour of the Japanese capital and its famous districts!

4 – The Valencia Marathon

Just shy of the podium, we find a real gem, the Valencia Marathon in Spain. In terms of fast courses, the Valencia Marathon is starting to make a name for itself, as the 4th best men’s time and the 3rd best women’s time for the distance were achieved on its course in 2022!

Ride the wave of records with the Valencia Marathon and its boiling Spanish atmosphere!

3 – The Chicago Marathon

Starting the podium off on the third step, we have a marathon known for the ease of its course. As one of the Six World Marathon Majors, the Chicago Marathon has always been conducive to records. The women’s world record for the event, at 2h14m4s, was set on its course by Brigid Koskei in 2019.

Its course, which follows a part of Lake Michigan and then crosses through this iconic American city, will make you forget your struggles and allow you to exceed your limits.

2 – The London Marathon

The London Marathon secures the second spot in this ranking of the fastest marathons. And not just because the event record set in 2023 by Kelvin Kiptum at 2h1m25s is only 16 seconds shy of the world record.

As one of the Majors, its course starts with a gentle downhill, providing a helpful boost for the rest of the race. This ensures a strong possibility of achieving a personal best in the British capital!

1 – The Berlin Marathon, the winner of the flattest marathons

In first place, we have the Berlin Marathon in Germany. The course of 7 world records, including the current record by Eliud Kipchoge at 2:01:09, it’s THE marathon par excellence for dreaming of personal records. Plus, it’s part of the Six World Marathon Majors, adding a legendary race to your repertoire!

The Berlin Marathon has an incredible course, marked especially by the historical heritage of the German city. With approximately 20m of elevation gain, a route without sharp turns, and ideal weather conditions with very little wind, it’s the recipe for a superb time over the 42.195km.

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