The new V7 version of RunMotion Coach: a revolution in your training!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all RunMotion Coach users for your feedback and messages since the app’s launch in 2018! Your encouragement, successes, and challenges have inspired us every day.

Many of you responded to our survey to share your wishes for evolution, and that deeply touched us. After several months of intense and passionate work, we are extremely happy and proud to announce the release of version 7 of RunMotion Coach!

Since this Wednesday, July 10, the V7 version is available on the App Store and Google Play. We invite you to download this update and discover all its new features.

Revised and improved Interface

The V7 version offers a new user interface, more intuitive and ergonomic. Now, you will find more advice directly on the home screen and can visualize your training plan in its entirety up to the race. This redesign aims to provide you with a smooth and pleasant user experience, thus facilitating your progress.

The main evolution: modifying your training plan according to your fitness state: injuries, illnesses, vacations.

Because life doesn’t stop for training, we have added the possibility of taking injuries, illnesses, and vacations into account in your program. You can thus adjust your plan according to your health status.

You could already adapt your training plan according to your availability. But sometimes, on vacation, some told us they could either not train or train much more. So we add the possibility to choose your sports rhythm during vacations.

This maximum personalization ensures precise and respectful tracking of your lifestyle pace.

The main novelty: consideration of menstrual cycles

RunMotion Coach marks a world first by integrating the consideration of menstrual cycles into the personalization of training sessions. This feature, unprecedented in the field of running coaching, allows women to benefit from sessions adapted to their menstrual calendar.

No more wondering if a session is suitable for your physical state at the moment, RunMotion Coach takes care of everything!

Specific feature for trail runners: shock weekend

For our trail enthusiast users, we have developed specific features, such as the addition of shock weekends of 2 to 3 days.

These periods of intensive mountain training will optimally prepare you for your trail races. Immerse yourself in a natural setting and strengthen your physical capacities with tailor-made sessions.

Premium subscriptions and rates

The new advanced features, including consideration of menstrual cycles, injuries, illnesses, vacations, and shock weekends, are available in the Premium subscription starting at €6.67/month (annual rate of €79.99).

You will also find all the features that make our Premium users happy: the muscle strengthening module (GPP), export to GPS watches, nutrition advice, sophrology, addition of other sports (cycling, swimming),…

The RunMotion team, consisting of 8 people and based in Chambéry, has continuously innovated since its launch to offer the most comprehensive running coaching app on the market.

We are particularly proud of this new version which we hope will accompany you even better towards achieving your sports goals!

Candice Davagnier
CandicePassionate about mountains and their landscapes, Candice grew up in the Alps and loves nature walks. She creates relevant content to provide you with the best advice!